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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turkish Restaurant Week DC 2009

If you are in or near Washington DC (US) or are planning a trip to DC in the next weeks, here is good news:

There is a Turkish Restaurant Week, organized by Turkish American Association and sponsored by Turkish Cultural Foundation. Between September 18-26, 2009, you can taste traditional Turkish foods for $25 (four course) at the participating restaurants, watch cooking demonstrations where Chef Channon Mondroux cooks dishes from the Ottoman Palace. There is also a lecture by Chef Mondroux on Turkish and 16th Century Ottoman Cuisine. For more info please visit:


San Francisco Catering said...

Ohh wow I am too late. I was wondering, I do catering in San Francisco, do you know if they have Turkish restaurant week or something similar in this area???

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the opportunity of enjoying delicious Turkish Cuisine at a bargain price this year!
Turkish Restaurant Week in DC 2010!!!
No day is complete without a taste of Turkey's grand cuisine...
September 17-26, 2010
4-course menu for $25*.
*Price does not include tax, gratuity, and beverages.
Turkish Cuisine is recognized by many experts as one of the world’s richest,
most diverse and most delicious cuisines. ATA-DC is pleased to announce the 2nd
Turkish Cuisine and Restaurant Week in DC, featuring the best of Turkish
cuisine in the best Turkish Restaurants of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area
along with cooking demonstrations and lectures. Turkish Restaurant and Cuisine
Week will take place September 17-26, 2010 at select Turkish Restaurants.
4-course menu for $25*.
*Price does not include tax, gratuity, and beverages.
For a list of participating restaurants and to view their special Turkish Restaurant Week Menus please visit: www.turkishrestaurntweekdc.org