I once created a cooking class, called 'Zen in the Kitchen'. Then wrote a book called the same. Then started the group with that name and the blog came after. All this happened in Turkish. Now is the time for the English version of it. Let's see what will cook here!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Year of Green, Seasonal Eating in Istanbul

Below, you can find a link to Jennifer Hattam's article A Year of Green, Seasonal Eating in Istanbul with lovely photos. You'll recognize the link for Zen in the Kitchen on the 11th photo, where she also talks about the olives. Yes, it's true that I cure my own olives and getting used to this taste, I can hardly buy cured olives. These are the olives I buy at Antalya farmers' markets to prepare to eat all year long. It's called "tavsanyuregi", rabbit heart because of the shape of it's stones: