I once created a cooking class, called 'Zen in the Kitchen'. Then wrote a book called the same. Then started the group with that name and the blog came after. All this happened in Turkish. Now is the time for the English version of it. Let's see what will cook here!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Forgive me

It's been almost four months since I've last written to this blog. Not that I was away from my computer but because I had so much writings to do. I kept writing to my Turkish blog though since it's so much easier to write in your own language.

Yes this post won't be a long one but I want to share few photos from Burhaniye Farmer's Market which is one of the joys of life here in the Ida Mountain area for me. Summers are so colourful here so that you cannot easily choose what to but.

All sorts of summer fruits; peaches, cherries, sweet figs, watermelons, melons, grapes...

And all kinds of summer veggies; tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, eggplants..

You can cook whatever you want with them. Turkish cuisine is known (not only that though) for it's variety of eggplant dishes. Summers are great chances to try new recipes with them. One of my favorites is the eggplant gozleme which is kind of a pastry filled with eggplant spread (it has tomatoes, onions, garlic etc in it). I like it crispy and fresh. With a glass of tea. Yes tea. Even if it's so hot outside, tea is still a nice cooler for Turks.

Okra is another lovely summer treat for us. Fresh from the garden, it's a tasty veggie. My special recipe is the pear okra dish cooked in fresh grape juice. It has a nice surprise even for people who don't like okra. A but of sesame is of help in that of course! Have a nice summer, although we're coming to an end.