I once created a cooking class, called 'Zen in the Kitchen'. Then wrote a book called the same. Then started the group with that name and the blog came after. All this happened in Turkish. Now is the time for the English version of it. Let's see what will cook here!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Simple, yet colorful breakfast

Breakfast is the favorite meal for so many Turks. We love colorful breakfast tables. This simple, yet colorful item is called 'simit pizza', which can be served for breakfast. Simit is kind of a round bread with sesames which is sold on the streets of almost all Turkish cities. To prepare this recipe, you need 'fat' simits. You cut them in three or four pieces, then make deep cuts from the inside, empty the inner parts. To prepare the filling, you need to cut mozarella cheese (or any cheese that can melt) in small pieces, mix them with small chunks of red and green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms. You can add cold cuts or olives too. I like to add a little olive oil and dried oregano. Fill the inner parts of the simits and put them in the hot owen. 200 centigrate degrees is OK (400 F). In few minutes, your simit pizzas are ready to be served. Isn't that simple? You can serve it to your afternoon guests. I like to serve it with tea but red wine would be great with it too!


Patricia Scarpin said...

These would make my afternoon so much better! :)

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

Looks good! I'm going to try it with leftover baguette (since I don't live in Turkey).

Andreea said...

oh that is one of my all time favorite breads ( i didn't know the name!). you can buy it here at many turkish stores. so guess what i will be making soon? your breakfast. sounds delicious. not sure i'd have the red wine for breakfast :)

Tijen said...

Hi Patricia,
Any good food can make our days better don't they?
Hi Barb,
Yes I'm sure you can try it with baguettes as well. Pls. tell me how it turns out.
No no Andreea,
I don't have wine for breakfast. I meant if you serve it later during the day, a glass of wine can accompany it. I personally like it for dinner sometimes with a glass of red wine.

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

It's quite tasty with the baguette (though probably not as good as the simit). I like that the inside stays soft when it's heated.

Thinking next big gathering, I'll do a whole baguette and then cut it into slices for appetizers....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Astonishingly beautiful, colorful and appetizing! Wow, it must taste gorgeous!