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Monday, July 30, 2007

First figs of the season

First figs of the season.
From our farmers' market.
From the lovely old woman I called "rose faced aunty".
Not because her face looks like a rose.
It's a saying in Turkish.
When we like someone,
we say "rose faced."
Her face is angellike.
First figs of the season.
One kilo costs 2 Turkish lira. Which means 1.2 euro or 1.5 USD.
I love figs.
What should I do with them?
I love figs.
I love to eat them one after the other.
My dear friend Erhan, the creative chef of Zeytinbagi, made a
wonderful appetizer last week. He sliced them, added goat
cheese between the slices and wrapped them in vine leaves.
Then grilled.
So tasty.


Isil Simsek said...

how I miss the tasty fruits of Turkey.You can find any fruit and veg here in UK (all imported)though organic they are rarely tasty.
I was thinking about Zeytinbagi the other day.We were there last summer. Erhan is a really talented chef, most of all I loved his delicious fruit juices. So natural and so refreshing!

Tijen said...

You're right, Erhan is a great chef and a great friend as well. I love the whole family with all my heart. Yes, the fruit juices also are great but what about the whole breakfast experience?

Sarah C. said...

Thanks for the gorgeous photo! Made my mouth water and pleased my eyes too. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw your site on Tastespotting. These figs look delicious. I live in the US and miss all the fruits and vegetables in Turkey. Last week I bought 6 figs for $4 :(

Tijen said...

Thanks Sarah!
Figs are so great. Not only the look but also the taste..
Merhaba Yelda,
Thanks for coming! Oh I know about the figs in the US. They never taste the same.