I once created a cooking class, called 'Zen in the Kitchen'. Then wrote a book called the same. Then started the group with that name and the blog came after. All this happened in Turkish. Now is the time for the English version of it. Let's see what will cook here!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Scenes from the Farmers Market

I love going to Union Square Farmers Market in New York. It's every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday and very colorfol. It's spring time so seeing daffodils, muscaris and all other spring flowers should not suprrise you. And yes, it is also time for Easter. You can see the colors of Easter at the gift packs that are prepared by the jam makers who sell their jams at the market for many years. Cheese and bread are from Bobolink Dairy and Bakeyard. Bread baked at a wood oven, cheese from grass fed cows. What else do you need on a spring afternoon?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tijen... You know it already... First I check Mutfakta Zen... At least I am learning the months in Turkish... And then I stop by Zen in the Kitchen... Thank you for translating today's post. And thank you for your beautiful comment (in Portuguese!) on my blog. And the chat photo is truly lovely... You brighten my days, making me smile.

Thank you.

Love at every step, Joy in each breath.